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Suzie says: I just finished watching several of your videos and was truly impressed. Good for you to make available such an abundance of Biblical sense/common sense truths. So much of your work reflects the natural, often unspoken lifestyle of the past that we once took for granted. It is sad that the current, often godless culture is cheating today’s children of the treasured lives so many of us enjoyed as children. Not that those days were perfect at all, but I would trade their innocence for the abundance of things and “fun” and problems that make up a kid’s world today. You are a torch-bearer of True Light.
Your running dialogue is just right, well-written, easy to follow. Love the way you bring forth the (biblical) facts which speak for themselves and don’t clutter it up with details or unneeded examples.
Hats off also for the visual aspect—so important since now it seems that everything, including spiritual truth, has to be a little or a lot like show biz. First, you look great! Beautiful, actually — hair to die for and good clothing. The timber (not sure that is the right word!) of your voice is super listenable. You come across as kind, intelligent, wise, and experienced. I’m sure you are aware that you have a slight European accent. Today, that might be considered an asset. Perhaps a great number of your viewers do also. I found that your short clips choices are, in my opinion, well-chosen, giving more real-life credibility. Following up with the booklet offer is also good to reinforce the teaching and easily shared.
I did not watch all the videos available, but several and liked them all. Using the multiple voices in the bullying videos was really effective. Kids teaching kids. It is obvious that you have put great effort and long, long hours into this project to promote God’s True Light to shine over America!

Jen G says: I work with the founder and did a lot of research to see if this is a great non profit. It is indeed! I highly recommend this program to parents and I think that this would be a great resource for anyone raising their pre teen in this current social media world. Their mission is solid! In the past, I’ve worked with several non profits, but what I like most about this one is that it is about building a future generation of independent young adults, leaders and confident thinkers. I really would like to see this GNP get to the next level.

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