Character Building Series

You Have Got To Be Good At Something

Failure hurts. Every one of us fails at least once in life. Whether we like it or not, bad grades are often viewed as failures in school which can make our kids’ day feel like a drag. A business with bad reviews or frustrated employers at work isn’t any different. So how do we take off that “loser” tag in order to keep moving forward with joy? You Have Got to be Good at Something will guide your focus to something way more valuable than all the report cards, achievements and trophies combined. This illustrated and easy-to-read booklet will teach kids good strategies on how to improve their grades, manage time and discover their strengths.

No One To Call A Friend

Many people remember feeling lonely in middle school. Our kids today face the same loneliness, especially when they happen to be introverted, move to a new school, or their school population is of daunting size. There are no easy solutions. The good news is that the elementary and middle school years can also provide them with their first long-lasting friendships. They discover the qualities good friends should have and who should remain friendly acquaintances. This easy-to-read illustrated inspirational booklet will teach your kids strategies for forming new friendships through stories and biblical examples.

Not Allowed

Rules and boundaries are inevitable parts of our day. We feel good about some of them, but some get on our nerves, especially during the process of growing up when an adult consistently reminds us of those rules. Not Allowed will show why having boundaries isn’t always the worst thing in our lives. Typically the person who checks on us with annoying consistency is the one who loves us and who cares.  This short, illustrated booklet will guide your preteen to make wise choices about eating habits, behavior, and media consumption.