Build their character before they become teenagers!

* Most preteens ages ten to twelve are still receptive to guidance from an adult, which gives a teacher or a parent a last chance to build their character before they become teenagers.
* A growing number of parents today are concerned about the increasing darkness in our media and culture which often leads to aggressive behavior, substance abuse and a sense of hopelessness in the lives of our teens and preteens.
* According to materials published by the Research and Education Association, some of the personal characteristics that have been linked to substance abuse in children are: aggressiveness, emotional problems, inability to cope with stress, and low self-esteem. (TExES Generalist EC-6, Chapter 6 by Luis A. Rosado, Ed. D)
* Millions of tax payers’ dollars are spent on drug/alcohol abuse and suicide awareness programs in schools. But too few prevention programs focused on building character and positive reinforcement have been developed and offered to the students.
* School district budget cuts often affect the number of counselors hired for the school year. In a big school setting, a counselor’s work load often gets in the way of quality one-on-one and small group counseling time. A supplemental guidance program can close the gap and make a difference in children’s lives.
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