Emotional Support Classes For School Age Kids

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Our UHTL online classes are designed to provide emotional support for the common issues students encounter almost daily. Be it the failing grades and lack of friends or changing home and media consumption. In a group of peers facing similar obstacles, students are divided into three broad age groups: late elementary (10 -11 years old), middle school (12 -14 years old), and high school (15 -17 years old)

Over a period of four weeks:

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January Session

No One to Call a Friend. Can some of our kids relate? School can be lonely sometimes and making a good friend is not always easy. Especially if you are an introvert or if you just moved to a new town. Can we ever fix a broken friendship? What if we need to let it go and move on this time? If your preteen or a teen has these questions, we can help. Studies Include: Gospel of Luke 10; Book of Psalms; 1 Samuel 18; 2 Samuel 15
Teacher: Zanna Noe BIO
Any Questions? Please email to undertruelight@gmail.com

February Session

Watch it or Not: How to deal with information overload. Do you and your kids spend most of your time on your phone or other screens? Most of us do, and the internet will often come with either gloomy news or someone else’s better-than-you posts. Next thing we know, anxiety creeps into our daily lives and steals our peace. We are here to support you. Studies Include: Book of Proverbs; Book of Romans 14; Gospel of Luke 11, Gospel of Matthew 7
Teacher: Zanna Noe BIO
Any Questions? Please email to undertruelight@gmail.com

March Session

Failing Grades Do Not Always Mean Failing in Life: How to overcome testing anxiety and stress. Let’s say your child isn’t making the best grades or just struggles with academics this year. Please know that you are not alone. We will guide our students’ focus to something way more valuable than all the report cards and test scores combined. We are here to help with good strategies on how to improve their grades, manage their time and discover their strengths.Studies Include: Book of Romans 15; Book of Exodus 35; Book of Daniel; Book of Genesis 1
Teacher: Zanna Noe BIO
Any Questions? Please email to undertruelight@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. But we recommend that they participate with students in their own age group.

Although the classes do provide therapeutic results, they are not titled as counseling sessions. Each class will be well-structured and taught by a certified teacher with a master’s degree in Education but not necessarily by a licensed therapist.

Under His True Light is a Christian ministry and every lesson will include biblical teaching; however, this program is not affiliated with any particular denomination.

The same group of students will meet for a 60-minute lesson once a week for four weeks.

The cost of each four-week session is $45.00 and includes a well-illustrated booklet. You may choose a printed or electronic version.