10 Encouraging Things to Say to a Child Who Struggles at School

7 Things to Say to a Child Who Fights Our Boundaries
August 8, 2018
  1. A failing grade DOESN’T mean YOU are a failure.
  2. A good number of our talents CAN’T be graded.
  3. Regardless of your grade, God has a PURPOSE in your life.
  4. EVERY person has a spiritual gift.
  5. Your parents (We) still LOVE you, even when your grade isn’t that great.
  6. Your teachers AREN’T evil. Grading students is just part of their job.
  7. God loves you, whether you get good grades or bad grades. GUARANTEED.
  8. Let’s look at your schedule, does it allow enough time for your homework?
  9. Every teacher has a tutoring session in her/his schedule. Let’s find out what time.
  10. You are smart enough to ask questions. You are strong enough to ask for help.



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