Our Mission

Is to build character, inspire, encourage and guide preteens in time of social, emotional and academic struggles.

Under His True Light is a faith-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

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Everything started long ago...

How Did It Start?

The vision and inspiration for the ministry came to me in South Florida, where our family moved from Indiana in 2007. We left our house sitting on the market and signed a short lease at the apartment complex.

Next thing we knew the housing market collapsed. Since we couldn’t sell our house right away we had to rent an apartment for a while. Little did we know that “for a while” would last us three years.

So we were pretty much stuck in an unexpected lifestyle. No fences, no thick walls, no garage doors, no neighborly “How are you? “. I could hardly memorize our neighbors' names. Families kept moving in and out without any notice or goodbye. We quickly learned how beautiful beaches, magnificent mansions and soothing ocean breezes can awkwardly coexist with alcoholism, high crime rates, drugs and brokenness.

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